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Photography has helped me to see details in a micro level, colors and light in a whole new way. It has changed the way that I see the world and the way the world sees me; from the inside out.

All of a sudden everything became photo-worthy, new and interesting. I find myself continually hunting light; falling in love with it, trying to capture it, and being able to immortalize it is my reward.

"I love to be able to make present eternal – moments, ideas, and possibly dreams"

My everyday experience of the world around me is an invitation to question, explore and wonder. Observing it and taking it all in, in full details, inspires my next capture.

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History Buffer

"Selecting buildings that have historic and architectural relevance has been the core of our philosophy"

Over the years, Sorgente Group of America has had the privilege of investing in some of the nation’s most iconic buildings. Selecting buildings that have historic and architectural relevance has been the core of our philosophy. We feel that preserving and restoring what has already been built is a sustainable, responsible use of resources. Restoration is a value that has the ability to better, not just the buildings, but our neighborhood, our company, the economy as a whole and, ultimately, our environment.

We take immense enjoyment out of being able to breathe new life into these buildings that reinforce what we love about this country. It is so incredibly rewarding to be able to save their embodied energy, which together with their cultural significance will only increase with the passage of time. I believe that the soul in these great buildings is simply unfathomable. It is this notion, together with the acknowledgement that we will always succeed by selecting such landmark properties, that fuels my passion to continue on this journey.


Sustainable Developer

“At the heart of all my work is my passion, passion for historic restoration, preservation and sustainability”

My company, Sorgente Group of America, proudly leads the way in innovative, ecologically responsible construction.

Each one of our Giglio Projects is a labor of love. The undertaking to revitalize these beautiful landmarks is one of our absolute goals, and with our 60 White Street project, we really wanted to push the sustainability aspect, which is such an important and critical issue in all of our lives.

We believe in breathing new life to old structures, and in the re-use of existing materials. We rely upon locally-sourced finishes, such as regional reclaimed wood, stone, brick, metal and more, and the expertise of local craftsmen when completing our historic restoration projects.

These buildings are carefully altered to achieve a high standard of energy efficiency, by building a very strong and tight insulation envelope.

There are so many things that we have learned and are still learning about sustainability and the crucial role that energy efficiency plays in sustainable development, which is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

I believe that this is the future within development, and at Sorgente Group of America we won’t be building any differently.